Best way to clean windows

What Is The Best Way To Clean Windows And How To Choose Good Window Cleaning Services?

The task of cleaning a window can be achieved in various ways. The most reliable one is hiring window cleaning services, but you can always do it yourself. DIY-ing requires a certain amount of know-how on cleaning a window, what products to use and what techniques work best for you. You will quickly realize that cleaning a window ideally is an almost impossible task without the correct tools.

However, we are here to show you the best ways to clean glass windows, no matter what approach you choose; DIY or hiring professionals to do it for you.

Here are the best ways to clean windows; in detail.

Do It Yourself!

Commercials for glass cleaning products have been promising a streak-free finish for years. Maybe you would like to take a swing at it yourself. If so, you can find any generic glass cleaning solution in any departmental store. However, we recommend using the homemade recipe of one part vinegar and two parts water mixed together in a spray bottle.
Window Cleaning can be broadly classified into two parts:

Interior Cleaning:

1. Fill a large bucket with clean cold water. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

2. Use the water to rinse your windows. Clean with a microfiber cloth and work your way to the bottom.

3. Spray the cleaning solution or vinegar-water mix on the glass surface.

4. Wipe down with a lint-free towel in a zig-zag motion.

5. Check for any streaks. If found, respray the solution and wipe it down again.

Exterior Cleaning:

1. Rinse the windows down with a hose.

2. Fill a large bucket with clean cold water and mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid into it.

3. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass. Use a sponge mop if necessary.

4. Rinse thoroughly with a hose again.

5. Use a rubber-bladed squeegee to wipe the glass dry. Work your way to the bottom.

6. Soak your windows with your cleaning solution or vinegar water to take stains off the glass.

7. Do not forget to clean the window surrounds like pane and window screens.


Professional Window Cleaning Services

Since cleaning your own windows can be a nightmare, you always have the option to opt for a professional to come and clean them for you. They will ensure your windows have a perfect streak-free and spotless finish in no time at all.

Now that you are aware of the best cleaning methods, if you decide to go the professional route, here is how to choose the best window cleaning services in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Step #1:
Search for “Window cleaning services Tampa” or “window cleaning services near me” on Google. Make sure your location services are functional and switched on.

Step #2:
Sort the search results by ranking and rating as provided on Google. This ensures you only view the top-rated window cleaning companies.

Step #3:
Visit the linked websites of these window cleaning companies for an in-depth look at their services and check if they have the necessary licenses and certificates.

Step #4:
Check the pricing structure. Do not immediately choose the cheapest or the costliest alternative. Instead, look to find a service provider that strikes a perfect balance between cost and quality of service.

Step #5:
Shortlist a few companies. Connect with each to discuss your exact needs to know if they can serve you the best. Check for their reviews and customer feedback. Ask for references from businesses, friends, and family before zeroing in on a particular window cleaning service in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Final Words
There are various methods to do the same window cleaning job. If the quality of cleaning and clean windows is your priority, hiring a professional window cleaning is best. Otherwise, you can get decent results by cleaning the windows yourself if you follow our guided approach to doing it yourself.

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