How to Clean Windows

How to Clean Windows: Top 5 Tips and Hacks Recommended by Experts

Crystal clear windows spark joy with their refreshing appeal and unobstructed outside views. And while it may seem easy to get that kind of a result with simple washing methods, there is a lot more to it. If you plan to take up the task yourself, you should know how to clean windows in an appropriate manner, without leaving any streaks behind. Here are some of the most efficient expert tips for you that would help you understand how to clean windows without having to call up a professional too often. Cleaning windows by yourself also helps maintain the quality and hygiene of those surfaces. So, when the experts do arrive for a spring cleaning or annual cleaning job, you don’t have to bother about wasting too much time and money.

  1. How to Clean Outside Windows: Stick to a Step by Step Process
  2. Both commercial and residential window cleaning professionals suggest playing by the book when it comes to cleaning outside windows. And that means, working it layer by layer. Your chief priority should be to get rid of all the loose dust and dirt. At this stage, an amateur commercial window cleaner might make the mistake of using water or a moist cleaning agent. This could ruin the quality of the cleaning job.

  3. The Timing Should be Right
  4. The best way to clean windows is by choosing the right day. Ideally, it should be dry and cloudy otherwise a bright sun would not let you finish the cleaning process the proper way. That happens as the heat tends to dry out the cleaning agents and moistur right off of the surfaces you are working on.

  5. Choose the Cleaning Solution Wisely
  6. With multiple options accessible in the market, it might get too overwhelming to pick a cleaner, particularly when you are just learning how to clean windows. Well, the type of cleaner you choose depends on the type of window you have. For instance, glass windows would need glass cleaners and windows with metal grills need a different kind. It also depends on the present condition of the windows. If you are trying to clean them when they are too dirty, a stronger solution is recommended.

  7. How to Clean High Windows: Safety First!
  8. As a precaution, cleaning high windows should never be taken up by an amateur. While there are various things you could arrange to maintain safety, anything could go wrong in case of high rise windows. If you don’t know how to clean high windows, it is advised to call professionals for the job. But if the height is not that much, a sturdy ladder should make the job easy for you. For extra precaution, you can spread out a thick cushion or mattress in case you slip and fall. Alternatively, a long-handled cleaning tool, wipers and squeegees can be used to reach high places right when you are standing on safe ground.

  9. Use A Microfiber Cloth
  10. The best way to clean windows that have glass is with a microfiber cloth. The gentle fabric attracts and traps unwanted substances. At the same time, it doesn’t scratch nor damage the delicate glass surfaces in any way. When you don’t know how to clean windows, you can make the mistake of using readily available material like paper. The latter, even if it is a paper towel, tends to shed during the cleaning process, leaving behind lint and smudges.

    Finally, the most significant thing to remember when you are learning how to clean windows is to take it one at a time. Go slow and calm so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the job. You could pick up one window a day or do it like one room per day. Breaking up the project in parts, spreading it up across days is the best way to get maximum efficiency. You tend to be in a fresh mood every day rather than being exhausted and bogged down by the prospect of cleaning the windows all at the same time. And of course, when things seem too difficult or confusing, you can always call up an expert for help, tips and guidance. Once you get the idea of cleaning the windows properly, you won’t be confused.