Safety & Professionalism in Window Cleaning

Safety and Professionalism in the Window Cleaning Industry

Cleaning glass windows can be hazardous and presents immense dangers to the cleaner. Especially if the glass of a high-rise building is being cleaned, as it used to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. However, the risk has dropped a bit because of the exponential rise in safety standards and advanced equipment used by window cleaning companies.

Most companies offering window cleaning services in Tampa, Florida, have excellent track records when it comes to maintaining the safety of their cleaners. These operatives are regularly trained and possess the immense experience of safely carrying out a window cleaning job. Keeping their employees safe should be the top priority for any window cleaning company worth it’s salt.

Typically, most companies employ an Environmental Health and Safety Officer to oversee employees’ health and train them regarding safety while on the job. Doing so ensures that all employees are up to date on the latest safety standards and procedures. Having a responsible and experienced Environmental Health and Safety Officer is imperative for a window cleaning company, primarily if they deal with windows at great heights.

In recent years, several tools that reduce the risk of injury or worse for a window cleaner have emerged in the industry. Utilizing these tools like high-reach telescopic poles can maximize cleaning while maintaining the safety of window cleaners. 

A professional window cleaner must also possess the awareness of changing weather conditions. Even the slightest weather changes can severely affect the safety of an operative. Therefore, it is paramount that the cleaners are trained to deal with changing situations to make a judgment call on whether the changing conditions can compromise their safety. Carrying out a window cleaning job in heavy rain or stormy conditions is a strict no-no for any responsible window cleanings service provider in Tampa, Florida.

Another way to implement rigorous safety standards for window cleaners is to get affiliated with and become a member of the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA). The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes safety and professionalism in the window cleaning industry. They hold ICWA annual conferences annually and educate about new safety standards and methods to apply them. The conventions also feature Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved safety classes and seminars that focus on advanced glass cleaning techniques, ladder safety, customer service, insurance, and goal setting. 

How to Maintain Safety While Cleaning Windows.

Ensuring safety when cleaning windows can be summed up in four stages.

1. Examine the Working Conditions

Checking every detail of a cleaning job before starting the cleaning process is vital. Activities like taking a note of the height of windows, accessibility, checking for any fragile bits or barriers, and the ground condition should be the first step a cleaner needs to perform. 

2. Equip Personal Protective Equipment

Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the essential steps in maintaining safety on a window cleaning job. Equipment such as protective eyewear, a hard hat, and a protective jacket is the basics of PPE for any professional. Because of the high-risk nature of the job, these are mandatory in order to protect themselves from any falling debris or parts.

3. Adhere to Supervision

Typically, when one technician is performing a cleaning job, another technician must be present to supervise. Since a second perspective helps maintain security standards, having another member present is mandatory. 

4. Get Training, Licensing, and Certification

Hiring only professionals with in-depth knowledge of safety and health standards ensures that the company can protect itself. Only the best in the business possess all necessary licenses and certifications and can only provide adequate training for any window cleaning professionals.

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