Top 10 Window cleaning mistakes

Top 10 Window Cleaning Mistakes You Must Stop Making Now

Washing windows might seem like an easy task at first glance, but it takes a certain amount of expertise and know-how to clean windows efficiently. Anything and everything might not work for all types of glasses or windows; every situation requires a unique solution. You should consider hiring window cleaning services; they possess the know-how and the correct equipment to fulfill all window cleaning duties.

Having glass windows in your home or business can have a plethora of benefits, like letting your interiors get flooded with natural light and making your interiors more spacious and inviting. Besides this, glass windows also add to the aesthetic value of your home.

Taking care of your windows can be done by yourself, but here are 10 common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Service.
Trying to clean your windows yourself will not produce a result as good as hiring a professional will. A window cleaning service in Tampa will possess the correct equipment, experience, and the know-how to clean every glass window satisfactorily and leave a streak-free finish.

2. Not Dusting Before Cleaning.
The best way to avoid the need to thoroughly clean a window is to clean them regularly. Dusting a window allows you to remove dust or debris, making your cleaning job easier and helping you prevent streaking.

3. Using Cheap or Dirty Cleaning Materials.
Using poor quality tools or dirty equipment will often lead to poor results like every job. Expecting quality results while using cheaper alternative tools will only lead to disappointment. Quality equipment like microfiber cloth will come in handy during a window cleaning session.

4. Using the Wrong Cleaning Solutions.
A window cleaner should be able to serve its purpose of removing dirt or grime from your glass windows without leaving any streaks. Some cleaners may be too harsh for your windows and may damage them.

5. Focusing on a Large Area.
If you start cleaning the whole surface of the window simultaneously, it will be too large of an area to get a streak-free finish. If your cleaning solution dries up before you can clean it, you will end up with streaks and stains.

6. Using Too Much Cleaning Solution.
It is easy to get carried away while using window cleaning solutions. Any over-spray increases your chance of developing streaks considerably. This will end with your windows looking worse than before you started cleaning them.

7. Improper Drying.
A microfiber cloth is the best for dusting a window rather than cleaning because they generate static electricity when rubbed, which leads to it picking up more dust particles. Using a sweeper to clean helps prevent streaks.

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8. Neglecting the Exterior Glass.
The exterior of a glass window is usually dirtier than the interior part. This makes your windows full of streaks. Cleaning the exterior is as important as the insides of the window, if not more crucial.

9. Cleaning Only the Glass.
Usually, people clean just the glass portions of a window and neglect the frame and window panes. Doing so will leave you with a sparkling glass window but a grimy and dusty frame. Cleaning all parts of a window is crucial during a window cleaning service, including frames, panes, handles, and so on.

10. Cleaning on a Hot, Sunny Day.
Warm weather causes the cleaning solution on your windows to dry up quicker than usual. This leaves your window with streaks and spots. The climate and temperature need to be kept in mind when deciding to clean a window to ensure the best results.

The Final Word.
Cleaning your own window can be a complicated task. Still, with our list of 10 mistakes to avoid while cleaning your windows, you can get better results while doing the job. However, we expressly recommend hiring a professional window cleaning service because window cleaning can be a risky job if you do not know what you’re doing.

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